90° Polarizing Splitter (Dual Side Windows) Features:


Belongs to Glan family, air-gap structure.
o, e ray are perpendicular to each other.
e-ray keeps the same direction as input light
High transmittance
Suitable for polarizing modulation systems.
United Crystals' Warranty on this Prism:
Material: Calcite, alpha-BBO, YVO4
Aperture: 5x5~20x20mm
Extinction Ratio: 1x10-5
Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than l/8 @633nm
Transmittance: >85% @633nm
Transparent Range :from Deep UV(a-BBO) to mid IR (YVO4)
Beam Splitting Angle: 90° at designed wavelength
Coating: AR-coating available upon request
Ccustomized prisms are also available.
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