Polarizing and Splitting Prisms

Polarization is one of the most important divisions of Optics. It has been applied in almost every aspect of modern optics. There are many polarizing devices (ie. polarizing prisms, polarizing splitters, Brester polarizers, wave plates and etc.).

In general, there are three ways to obtain polarization, namely refraction, reflection and absorption. Polarizing prisms are the most common devices in laser systems and other modern optical applications. The benefits of polarizing prisms include high extinction, high transmittance, high damage threshold, and a wide transparent range.

The most common material for polarizing prisms is Calcite, which has big birefringence, no deliquescence, and chemical stability; a-BBO and YVO4 are also available for UV and mid IR range, and high power systems.

United Crystals specializes in manufacturing various laser polarizing prisms, splitters, and wave plates, such as Glan-Taylor Prism, Glan-Thompson Prism, Rochon Prism, Wollaston Prism, Double Wollaston Prism, 45° Glan-Thompson Splitting Prism, 90° Polarizing Splitter, Split-Angle-Adjustable Prism, OE Double-Output Prism, Glan-Foucault Prism, High Transmittancy Prism, Parallel Polarizing Prism, Nicol Prism, Small Splitting-Angle Polarizing Splitter, Senarmont Prism, Reflection Polarizing Prism, Lippich Prism, Nomarski Prism, Savart Plate, etc.

Other customized prisms are also available upon request.

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Glan-Taylor Polarizing Prism
Glan-Thompson Polarizing Prism
Rochon Polarizing Prism
Wollaston Prism
Double Wollaston Prism
45 deg. Glan-Thompson Splitter
90 deg. POlarizing Splitter
90 deg. Polarizing Splitter
Split-Angle Adjustable Prism
OE Double-Output Prism
OE Double-Output Prism
Glan-Foucault Prism
High Transmittance Prism
Nicol Prism
Parallel Polarizing Splitter
Small Splitting-Angle Splitter
Senarmont Prism
Reflection Polarizing Prism
Lippich Prism
Nomarski Prism
Savart Plates

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